Litigation Project Management Services

Now Billdog has assisted you with getting your Legal Bill sorted out, don't stop there. Let us help with the overall project management of your legal matter.

We are here to provide our client, (you) with the influence, through our Project Management Services so as to ensure your Lawyers act on your informed instructions and not dismiss or undervalue them.

We can also ensure the overall cost of the litigation is negotiated, contained, and not inflated or misrepresented.

If you are looking to assemble a team of Lawyers, we can locate, negotiate the terms of their retainer with you and project manage the litigation.

Understanding Legal Bills

Understanding Legal Bills

What Does A Project Manager Do?

Billdog also provides Project Management Services to companies, organizations, sole traders & individuals just like your organization that is either involved in litigation or looking to assemble a team of litigation experts to commence litigation.

The provision of these services is a natural flow from our Bill Assessment services offered here at Billdog. Billdog is not a law firm looking for legal work. We are a team of professionals that work with you and your legal team to improve the communication and ensure your instructions are heard and the best cost-effective results are achieved.

Understanding Legal Bills

Our Focus Is On Results

Our role at Billdog is focused and centered on getting the best results and services or, bang for your buck in any dispute.

Prior to retiring from the legal profession at age 50, the principal of Billdog had over 20 years of previous experience in litigation and court proceedings as a Barrister at Law & a Solicitor.

This previous experience means Billdog knows and understands how these matters unfold and work, including that, sometimes the process becomes overwhelming when dealing with Lawyers, Barrister, and other professionals such as forensic accountants and experts.

Also, there usually exists an unequal balance of power given the position the clients find themselves in.

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Understanding Legal Bills

We Have The Runs On The Board

Our principals previous legal career and experience included acting for entities such as Facebook, KFC, Samsung, Spacex, Followmont Transport, Sports Bet, Bet Fair, The Star Casino, Civex Energy, The Pernix Group, Vincents Group, PRD Realty, various local and international construction companies, and many other top shelf companies and individuals, as well as top tier international and Australian legal firms.

We do not provide legal advice or legal services and now through Billdog concentrate all of our efforts on addressing the imbalance between clients and their legal representatives. This previous experience means we become your voice and bring the balance of power back to a central position, reflecting the situation to hand.

Put simply, Billdog holds the lawyers, accountants, forensic accountants, and such to account on your behalf.
We become the client and your loud, informed and persistent voice.

Legal Billing Advice

Have Your Loud Voice Heard

Our role is not to fight with your chosen legal representation, provide legal advice, or disrupt the current relationship or progress of the litigation, but to make sure your voice, opinions, time, view, and financial expectations are respected and given the appropriate weight they should. We also understand the language Lawyers speak, which means we can see through any frailties in the relationship with you. We often find that Lawyers become set on a certain path and a layperson or client without a background in legal experience finds it difficult, if not impossible to get their point of view or concerns across, nor are they given the appropriate consideration and attention and as such the client just gets caught up and lost in the process.

Legal Billing Advice

Don't Have Opinions Dismissed

We are here to provide our client, (you) with the influence, through our Project Management Services so as to ensure the Lawyers act on your informed instructions and not dismiss or undervalue them.

We also keep Lawyers to their time obligations regarding steps ordered by the Court and otherwise and ensure those time-sensitive tasks are met in a timely cost-effective manner.

We can also ensure the overall cost of the litigation is negotiated, contained, and not inflated or misrepresented.

Upon our engagement, and until the end of the same, we provide the above and all associated services for the life of our engagement on a month-to-month agreement.

Understanding Legal Bills

What it Costs?

Our fees consist of a set monthly retainer, based on the circumstances of your situation, and will not change throughout the period of our retainer with you unless agreed by both parties.

There is usually an initial engagement fee, which is payable at the commencement of our retainer, so as to put us in a position to understand your situation and see what the current situation is re your legal team.

We can also help find and engage the most appropriate legal team and support professionals for your matter if the initial engagement deep dive uncovers that you may have the wrong legal team for your situation.

We look forward to talking to you and answering any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us.

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