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It’s easy to get help on any legal bill by simply sending a picture of your legal bill. Free initial bill reviews can be started by sending us an email containing your bill. Our team of specialists will then identify any errors, explain the errors or overcharging, and explain to you why the bill is incorrect or excessive. We then provide you with your options moving forward

dispute any legal bill

What Happens Next?

Check My Legal Bill


Send Bill

To start the free initial legal bill review simply upload your legal bill to an email and send to us.

dispute any legal bill


Start - Initial Contact

Once you send Billdog a picture of your bill. Billdog will then contact you to discuss, and request any further information and or other supporting documents to assist in the bill review.

dispute any legal bill


Review - we are on it

Billdog specialist then review and research your Bill and or any other supporting documents or information requested.

dispute any legal bill



Your legal bill consultation provides everything you need:

    1. Explanation: (what is happening and why)
    2. Bill Reconsideration and the likelihood for:
      • Error Correction
      • Claim reconsideration
      • Bill Negotiation
    3. Request Billdog to negotiate with lawyers on your behalf:
      • Pay the bill as-is, with confidence
      • Fix it yourself (DIY)
      • Request Billdog to resolve the issue 

Our mission is to save people time, money, and stress.

Clients may correct or negotiate the bill on their own-or contract Billdog to do it for them.

Project Management Services

Billdog also provides Project Management Services to companies, organisations and sole traders & individuals just like your organisation that are either involved in litigation or looking to assemble a team of litigation experts to commence litigation.

The provision of these services is a natural flow on from our Bill Assessment services offered here at Billdog. Billdog is not a law firm looking for legal work. We are a team of professionals that work with you and your legal team to improve the communication and ensure your instructions are heard and the best cost effective results are achieved.

Our role at Billdog is focused and centered on getting the best results and services or, bang for your buck in any dispute.

dispute any legal bill

We Improve Our Clients Lives

Billdog is independent. We are not owned by or affiliated with any law firm. We measure ourselves on the positive difference we make for clients. Billdog is ready to help you or a family member with a confusing client bill situation.

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