Your Legal Bill a Shock?

Your Lawyers bill doesn’t look right? Not the amount they provided in their estimates?, Do you disagree with the fees you have paid, or have to pay your own lawyers in a past, current or ongoing legal matter. Let Billdog take a closer look. With hundreds of happy customers across all Australian state & federal jurisdictions already using our services, you might be entitled to a reduction of the costs claimed or a refund of fees paid.

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It’s easy to get help on any legal bill by simply sending a picture of your legal bill. Free initial bill reviews can be started by sending us an email containing your bill. Our team of specialists will then identify any errors, explain the errors or overcharging, and explain to you why the bill is incorrect or excessive. We then provide you with your options moving forward

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What Happens Next?

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What Does it Cost? $$$$

It costs you nothing to send us your bill for free and let us take a look. We are not Lawyers, and we don’t charge like them either.  Once we have gone through your bill & spoken with you, we will provide you with a set fee for assisting you moving forward, should you choose to engage us. Simply send us a copy of your bill for free to have a look at now.

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Why Use Billdog?

Claiming against a qualified, educated solicitor can be a daunting task. Luckily, our team has been doing it for over 20 years, and understands just as well as they do. We have the expertise and skill to fight for your dollar fairly. If you're settlement, compensation or matrimonial division has been greatly reduced by legal fees, or you've been billed unfairly for services, our team will ensure you receive a refund of any over payment of fees claimed by your Lawyers.

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What We Do Next?

Once we have received a copy of your bill, as well as any other information required, we go about identifying any errors, signs of overcharging, confusing notations or comments on the bill etc. We will then consult with you, and explain any errors or overcharging we may find. We can then explain to you why the bill is incorrect or excessive, or answer any other concerns raised by you, or noticed by us. For the purpose of the bill review, it does not matter if your bill is for a completed or current matter. All of this is offered on an entirely no obligation, free basis.

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We Then Provide You With Your Options!

We then provide you with your options moving forward, including requesting Billdog to discuss the bill with your legal team on your behalf, requesting clarification of bills to be paid or seek a refund of fees paid and many other options, including if necessary, engaging lawyers to prepare applications for costs assessment.


Billdog is part of the FEHU Group Pty Ltd and is not a law firm. None of the employees, management or owners of Billdog or the FEHU Group are Lawyers, and nor are they providing legal advice on this website or otherwise. Nothing on this website should be taken, accepted, interpreted or relied upon as legal advice or the provision of legal services.  

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